If we assume that a true Christian is one who follows the teachings of the bible very closely, then one

who treats the Bible (the word of God) as a smorgasbord and chooses which parts to believe or not

believe is less than a true Christian. Using similar reasoning, a true Muslim is one who follows the

teaching of the Quran very closely. There are many references in the Quran indicating that Muslims

regard Islam as the only true religion and that non-Muslims or those leaving the faith should be killed,

usually by beheading. The Quran also teaches that women are to be treated as slaves to men and should

be executed for adultery, often by stoning to death.

If the above is correct, and it seems to be reasonable to think so, then the Muslim extremists are, in fact,

the true Muslims. The inescapable conclusion is that we are at war with Islam despite comments to the


Is there a way out of this tangled web of Muslim beliefs? Yes, there is. Muslim leaders in the United

States should convene a meeting to modify or revise the Quran by removing the violent sections and the

death threats much in the same way as Thomas Jefferson created his bible by removing the implausible

events such as miracles. Then these Muslim leaders should announce that American Muslims are

followers of this revised Quran.