Climate change, or as it was previously called Global Warming, has been actively debated for many years.  The two opposing views are:

1..  Climate change is largely anthropogenic or caused by man.

2    Climate change is part of a natural cycle caused by various astronomical events (The Milankovitch Cycles) and volcanoes, sun spots, etc.

There is some evidence to support both views. A recent update by the UN is discussed in the Wall Street Journal (April 7th).

In a way, it makes no difference which side is correct. We should, if possible, avoid polluting our atmosphere by any unwanted solids or gasses.  Nuclear power is the logical answer. It has been used for decades on aircraft carriers and submarines for decades with little or no problems. Waste products can be reprocessed to produce even more fuel like plutonium and what’s left over can be safely stored.  Is nuclear power without some risks?  No, but if you eliminate nuclear energy, the two major alternatives-solar and wind- require huge tracks of land and are, at present, not cost effective.

One final note:  Some knowledgeable people believe the current absence of sun spots is a sign of upcoming global cooling, (The, so-called Maunder Minimum.