kindle-ready-front-cover_6510189Jeremy and Stephanie Rowlands continue the adventure of their lives in Book 2

The Yellowstone Affair
by John Fishwick with Lisa Wroble

Jeremy and Stephanie may be celebrating their first anniversary, but will they live to see their second?

In The Yellowstone Affair, the nightmare begins on the couple’s first anniversary. While they’re dining at a romantic restaurant, Stephanie notices a briefcase someone has left behind. The attaché case contains ominous research related to the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park. After lying dormant for so long, the volcano is due for an eruption!

Then a body is found in the woods near the restaurant, and Jeremy and Stephanie’s house goes up in flames. They realize that their knowledge of the volcano is putting them—and their friends and family—in profound danger. The two decide to inform the public about the impending eruption, but to protect those they love from the violent government agents now after them, they will have to flee. What follows is a wild cross-country journey that will test their relationship—and their luck.

This intrepid couple proves they aren’t too old for action, adventure, and danger either.

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booksized1A FLIGHT TO ROMANCE   Published by Amazon Create Space 2014

Can true love happen twice in a lifetime? Find out in John Fishwick’s debut novel, A Flight to Romance. A thoughtful reflection on everything from art and science to romance and relationships, its raw emotion will captivate even the most casual reader.

Jeremy Rowlands lives a quiet life as an astronomy professor at the University of Florida. When he loses his wife in a car accident, Jeremy leaps at the opportunity to spend three weeks abroad to reevaluate his new role in life.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Marks embarks on a trip to visit the historic homes of famous British authors. As a retired English teacher who lost her husband to cancer, she has finally settled into a resigned solitude.

When Jeremy and Stephanie meet on the same flight, their lively and meaningful conversation sparks something in them both. Their decision to become traveling companions for the remainder of the trip allows their tenuous bond to grow, forcing them both to face a painful question: Is it really possible to fall in love again?

It was true, she had thought his science trips would be a little tedious, but they were actually quite fascinating, and she was intrigued by his big quest.

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The Application of Lithium in Ceramics   Published by Cahners Books  1974

In his book, Applications of Lithium in Ceramics, John Fishwick suggests spodumene can reduce the free silica in a whiteware body by assimilating it into the beta spodumene structure during firing which results in an even lower thermal expansion body than with beta spodumene alone. Fishwick also reported that petalite cannot theoretically assimilate silica.